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Born into a fairly wild environment: the Western Catskill Mountains of NY, I’ve always been fascinated with trees and water.  I became a teenage boatbuilder, continuing my family’s tradition of craftsmanship.  After earning an MFA (University of Massachusetts) I became a homesteader, educator and potter.  Life changes brought me to a “new” old house to refurbish, a Great Lake, and a forest to enjoy, nurture, and learn from.


“Unlike many natural materials, clay for example, wood comes in specific forms: trees.  Modern commercial and industrial approaches tend to deny this form, and turn trees into rectangular forms, somewhat removed from any natural manifestations of wood itself.  My challenge, as I see it, is to create functional objects- tables, for instance, which speak of the material’s origins.  Considerations are many- technical and aesthetic- use the wood’s innate strengths “correctly”, retain a certain “treeness”, observe strong design considerations and, naturally, please the eye.

Like trees themselves, designs emerge, take form, evolve and grow.  Pieces, and their finishes, become more or less useful and successful, appealing to an individual’s personal instincts.  In use, a piece may acquire a patina of age, offering a history of itself and its owner.  Part of the natural world is retained, perhaps only minimally altered, and given a new life as an aspect of our interior world: a reminder of the connection we have with Nature.”

-Howard Bartle
Howard built this milking stool in the early 1970’s and used it for years on the farm
Howard with Costa Rican topiary
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